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Quality and impact-oriented policies are no longer conceivable without monitoring and evaluation. We support you in this.

Monitoring and evaluation have become the international quality standard for political decisions and interventions (programmes, projects, regulations).  Evaluations provide scientifically substantiated information for the planning, implementation and assessment of programmes and projects (evidence based policy-making).

Monitoring and evaluation fulfil different tasks such as

  • Review of the achievement of objectives and impact analysis
  • Analysis of processes and conditions of implementation of programmes and projects

Objectives are among others:

  • to increase the action competence and steering ability of those responsible
  • to support the legitimacy of their actions
  • to stimulate quality improvement through learning processes

In our understanding, the participation of all important actors (clients, implementation partners, target groups, etc.) is a prerequisite for transparent and effective learning and evaluation processes.

We are guided by national and international quality standards such as those of the German Society for Evaluation and the DAC criteria.



  • Definition of indicators, creation of a data pool
  • IT technical support
  • Description of successful processes and responsibilities
  • Operation of the monitoring system, reporting






  • Ex-ante evaluations to assess the likely achievement of objectives, results and impacts
  • Strategic environmental assessment: Assessment and evaluation of the expected environmental impacts of plans and programmes, including suggestions for improvement
  • Accompanying evaluation, interim evaluation: evaluation to examine the achievement of objectives, effectiveness, impact and efficiency as well as administrative processes
  • Ex-post evaluations of longer-term effects


Subject Areas


  • EU regional and structural policy
  • Energy, climate, environment, sustainability
  • Development Cooperation
  • Social Policy