Mainstreaming Climate Change into CSF-Funds 2014-2020

Examination of the Operational Programmes of the GSR funds for Germany regarding the question in how far aims of climate protection and adaption to climate change are taken into account.

Contract: Department of (Directorates-General) Climate Action of the European Commission


Moderation of expert discussions for preparation of the ERDF  Operational Programme in Berlin

Content conception, implementation and moderation of four expert discussions concerning strategic orientation of the ERDF support in Berlin 2014-2020.

Contract: Berlin Senate Administration for Economic Affairs, Technology and Research


Strategic Environmental Assessment for the ERDF Programme in Bavaria 2014-2020

Implementation of  the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) according to EU directive 2001/42/EG for the European Regional Development Fund  ERDF period 2014-2020 in Bavaria.

Contract: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Transport and Technology


Support of the implementation of the 'Eco-Innovation Action Plan' in Germany

Support of the implementation of the 'Eco-Innovation Action Plan' in Germany through dialogue processes with representatives from politics, science and business.

Contract: German Federal Environmental Agency


Dialogue process for developing a Sustainability Strategy for Brandenburg

Development, organisation and execution of a dialogue process that supports the regionale government to draft a strategy for sustaniable development in a participative way

Contract: Brandenburg Ministry of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection


Ecological sustainable infrastructure

Study about EU cohesion policy funding of ecological sustainable commercial area infrastructure. Focus on following fields: land use, buildings (energy), IT (energy), transport and mobility as well as cooperation and collaboration.

Contract: WWF Germany


Consistence of EU Structural and Cohesion Policy with EU climate goals

Analysis of options to implement energy- and climate-political objectives within EU Structural and Cohesion Policy.

Contract: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety


Eco Efficiency Criteria for ERDF Operational Programme in Saxony 2007-2013

Analysis of application options from the concept of eco efficienty for the Saxonian ERDF-Operational Programme. Development of appropriate eco efficiency criteria, when indicated.

Contract: Saxonian Ministry for Environment and Agriculture


Reasons and conditions for ecological construction and housing

Within this project empirical research was conducted to understand why the application of the  numerous innovative techniques of ecological construction is not the norm, but rather the exception. This study proposed many approaches on how to promote ecological construction and living.

Contract: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the framework of the special research field 'Umwelt und Region'


Sustainable economic activities in biosphere reserves

The main objective of this study was to strengthen the field of intervention “sustainable economy” within the German UNESCO-Biosphere reserves. A comprehensive survey of projects and activities was conducted in the biosphere reserves. Subsequently, ten best-practice-examples were identified out of different sectors like agriculture, handicrafts and tourism. From those successful and innovative examples recommendations were derived to initiate and promote projects on sustainable development.

Contract: Bundesamt für Naturschutz (Federal Agency for Nature Protection)


Sustainable regional development in the European Union - SUDECIR

A comparative study about sustainable regional development of three European regions was carried out employing an interdisciplinary approach in co-operation with institutes in the Netherlands, Austria and Greece. The main output was a "Best-Practice-Handbook" on sustainable regional development aimed at regional actors.

Contract: Directorate General Research, European Commission


Development of a learn model for regional marketing of food products

The aim of this research project was to strengthen the regional marketing of food products in the region as a strategy for sustainable development. Regional marketing of local food products can create, as a by-product, positive effects on environment, economy and society. But these effects need to be made visible and understandable for the regional actors. Otherwise actors stay with the old patterns of marketing. The knowledge about these by-products is an important step towards a regional supplier and consumer orientation. This model was tested in the regions of Birkenfeld and Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Contract: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (National Ministry for Education and Research)


Sustainable development in the EU Structural Funds programmes of Berlin

This study examined the consideration of sustainable development goals within the Berlin EU structural programmes. It analysed the thematic aims of political action as well as the management and monitoring level. Suggestions were made considering the continuation of these programmes. An instrument for project evaluation with respect to sustainability was proposed.

Contract: Investitionsbank Berlin


Implementing sustainable sanitation concepts in Luxembourg – methodological approach and outcomes

The CRTE in Luxembourg led a research project on possible new ways to deal with wastewater treatment in Luxembourg. Best practices from other areas were investigated. Proposals for a better sustainable management of the urban water cycle were presented.

Contract: Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Centre de Ressource des Technologies pour l`Environnement (CRTE), Luxemburg